1. Colorado Medical Society Sections

There may be special sections designated by the Board of Directors to represent special interests within the Colorado Medical Society, to deal with special problems relating to their group, and other pertinent questions facing the medical profession. Members of these sections shall be members in good standing of the Colorado Medical Society. The section shall be governed by bylaws to be adopted by the section and approved by the Colorado Medical Society’s Board of Directors upon recommendations by CEJA. Sections bylaws should include a provision that the Colorado Medical Society Board of Directors shall approve any amendments to those bylaws. The section shall be composed of members as provided in the bylaws and officers shall be chosen in accordance with those bylaws to govern the section.


2. Criteria for Establishment of a Section

  1. The section must represent at least 5% of the total membership of the Colorado Medical Society with an affinity of one or more interests. The Resident Section shall be exempt from this requirement. All members of the section must be members of the Colorado Medical Society and the appropriate Component Society.
  2. The section bylaws must be in compliance with Colorado Medical Society Bylaws.
  3. The section must meet at least twice a year.
  4. The primary goals of the section should be:
    1. To provide a forum for physicians in this section to meet and discuss common issues and concerns;
    2. To increase the awareness of issues that are affecting physicians represented by this section;
    3. To increase bi-directional communication between CMS and the section members;
    4. To increase membership in the Colorado Medical Society and its Components;
    5. To provide an avenue for direct access into the policymaking body of the CMS.


3. Representation

Each active section may appoint one section member to the CMS Board of Directors for a term of one year in accordance with that section’s Bylaws and procedures.


4. Sunset of Sections

The need for continuation of a section will be reviewed by the Board of Directors with input from the section, and the continuation of a section will be voted on by the Board of Directors as needed.