1. Voting Eligibility

Only Active Members in good standing with CMS at the time that notice for an election is given are eligible to vote on any matters requiring member action.


2. Nominating Committee

The Board of Directors will establish, under Standing Rules, the composition and procedures for a Nominating Committee to select suitable candidates for all elected positions for CMS officers, AMA delegate and AMA Alternate Delegates.


3. Elected Positions Requiring Member Vote

The following elected positions require a vote of the members eligible to vote: President-Elect, AMA Delegate(s) and AMA Alternate(s).


4. Voting

The candidate who receives the most votes for the office in question shall be elected.


5. Voting by Electronic Ballot

All elections shall be conducted by secret electronic ballot in compliance with the Colorado Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act. The ballot shall:  (i) state the proposed candidates and (ii) provide an opportunity to vote for each candidate(s).  Each ballot must include the following information: (i) the time by which the ballot must be received in order to be counted; and (ii) information sufficient to permit each person casting the ballot to reach an informed decision on the matter.


6. Challenges to Election

If a challenge to an election is to be made, it must take place during the election or no later than seven calendar days after the election. If the reasons for challenging the election appear to be plausible (i.e., ineligible persons have voted, that there was negligence in conducting the election, that that the elective process did not follow Bylaw or policy requirements), an investigation will be made by the Board of Directors or a committee thereof and report the findings to the entire Board and CMS members. After the conclusion of the investigation, the Board of Directors will consider and certify the results of the election or decide to hold a re-election if necessary.


7. Election Results are Final

The vote as certified by the Secretary of the Board and announced by the President is final. Ballots will be deleted eight days following the meeting unless the results are challenged.


8. Vacancies

Elections to fill vacancies shall be for the unexpired term. If the President and President-elect are unable to serve, the immediate Past President shall serve as Acting President until a new President and/or a new President-elect has been elected. If the Past President is unable to serve, the Treasurer shall serve as Acting President until a new President and/or President-elect has been elected by the membership.


9. Election

Elections shall be held annually. The incoming President-Elect shall assume office at the beginning of the CMS fiscal year. AMA Delegates and AMA Alternate Delegates will begin office in accordance with AMA rules.