About CMS

Physician Leaders


John Bender, MDJohn Bender, MD, President
Tamaan Osbourne-RobertsTamaan Osbourne-Roberts, MD, President-elect
Jan M. Kief, MDJan M. Kief, MD, Immediate Past President
Kay D. Lozano, MDKay D. Lozano, MD, Treasurer
W. Gerald Rainer, MDW. Gerald Rainer, MD, Historian
M. Robert Yakely, MDM. Robert Yakely, MD, Speaker of the House
Brigitta J. Robinson, MDBrigitta J. Robinson, MD, Vice-speaker of the House
Alfred GilchristAlfred D. Gilchrist, CEO

Board of Directors

Charles W. Breaux Jr., MDCharles W. Breaux Jr., MD
No photoLaird Cagan, MD
No photoLeslie Capin, MD
Cory Carroll, MDCory Carroll, MD
No photoJoel Dickerman, DO
No photoNaomi M. Fieman, MD
No photoCarolynn Francavilla, MD
Jan Gillespie, MDJan Gillespie, MD
Johnny E. Johnson, MDJohnny E. Johnson, MD
Richard Lamb, MDRichard Lamb, MD
Lucy Loomis, MDLucy Loomis, MD
Gary Mohr, MDGary Mohr, MD
Christine Nevin-Woods, DOChristine Nevin-Woods, DO
Edward A. Norman, MDEdward A. Norman, MD
Lynn Parry, MDLynn Parry, MD
Daniel Perlman, MDDaniel Perlman, MD
Scott Replogle, MDScott Replogle, MD
No photoFloyd Russak, MD
Ranee M. Shenoi, MDRanee M. Shenoi, MD
Steven Sherick, MDStephen V. Sherick,  MD
No photoJoshua Tartakoff
No photoTimothy Theodore
No photoMichael Welch, DO
Jennifer Wiler, MDJennifer Wiler, MD
Allison WoodAllison Wood
Hap YoungHarold D. “Hap” Young, MD
Lena YoungLena Young

AMA Immediate Past President

Jeremy A. Lazarus, MD

AMA Delegates

M. Ray Painter Jr., MD, Delegation Chair
A. Lee Morgan, MD
Lynn Parry, MD
Brigitta J. Robinson, MD

AMA Alternate Delegates

David Downs, MD
Jan Kief, MD
Mark Laitos, MD
Tamaan Osbourne-Roberts, MD