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M. Robert Yakely, MD M. Robert Yakely, MD, President
No photo Debra J Parsons, MD, FACP, President-elect
Katie Lozano, MD Katie Lozano, MD, Immediate Past President 
Michael Volz, MD Michael Volz, MD, Treasurer
W. Gerald Rainer, MD W. Gerald Rainer, MD, Historian
Alfred Gilchrist Alfred D. Gilchrist, CEO

Board of Directors

No photo

Kiara Blough, MSS

Cory Caroll, MD Cory Carroll, MD
No photo Curtis Hagedorn, MD
Mark Johnson, MD Mark B Johnson, MD
Richard Lamb, MD Richard Lamb, MD
David S Markenson, MD David Markenson, MD
Gina Martin, MD Gina Martin, MD
Patrick Pevoto, MD, R.Ph, MBA Patrick Pevoto, MD, R.Ph, MBA
No photo Brandi Ring, MD
No photo Charles Tharp, MD
Kim Warner, MD Kim Warner, MD
C. Rocky White, MD C. Rocky White, MD
No photo Kelley D Wear, MD


AMA Past President

Jeremy A. Lazarus, MD

AMA Delegates

David Downs, MD, FACP
Tamaan Osbourne-Roberts, MD
Jan Kief, MD
Lynn Parry MSc, MD

AMA Alternate Delegates

Brigitta Robinson, MD, FACS
Michael Volz, MD
Carolynn Francavilla Brown, MD
Henrique Fernandez, MD, FACP

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