This page contains an index to all policies of the Colorado Medical Society. The title of each major section is a clickable link to the related policies.


920. Membership and Dues

920.996 Medical Student Support–Rocky Vista University

(RES-23, AM 2007; Sunset, BOD-1, AM 2014)

920.997 Medical Student Support

The Colorado Medical Society Board of Directors’ annual budget will include enough funds for four-year student memberships in both the Colorado Medical Society Medical Student Component and American Medical Association.
(RES-23, AM 2002; Revised, BOD-1, AM 2014)

920.998 Processing of Membership Applications

(Motion of the Board, May 1996; Sunset, BOD-1, AM 2014)

920.999 Medical Society Jurisdiction

(Motion of the Board, July 1994; Sunset, BOD-1, AM 2014)