About CMS

Strategic Plan

The CMS House of Delegates approved this Strategic Plan in September 2014. You may download a pdf version of the plan here.


To champion the health care issues of critical importance to Colorado physicians and the patients and communities they serve.


  1. Leadership – Our approach to a diverse population of physicians focused on delivery of accessible, safe, high quality, patient-centered care.
  2. Collaboration – Our philosophy for addressing health care challenges and issues facing our members and their patients.
  3. Professionalism and Transparency – Our commitment in our operations, demonstrating both individual and organizational integrity and credibility.
  4. Innovation – Our approach is data-driven, knowledge-based, and grass-roots responsive.


CMS will be the leader in making Colorado the best state in which to provide and receive the safest, highest quality and most cost effective medical care.


Physician Well Being and Success
Ensure physicians thrive personally and professionally throughout their careers in
an evolving health care system.

Patient Safety and Professional Accountability
Comprehensive system changes will enhance safety, learning, accountability and patient restoration.

Health Care System Evolution
Health care system innovation will result in access to high quality, cost effective care for patients and their communities.

Turning Data Into Intelligence
By owning, using and sharing data, physicians will both improve care and demonstrate their ability to provide high quality and cost-effective care.

Organizational Excellence
CMS will be a well governed, effectively managed, fiscally sound organization well positioned to meet the needs of a diverse membership in a rapidly changing environment.