2016 CMGMA compensation surveys for physicians, providers, managers and staff

Monday, February 15, 2016 01:02 PM
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The 2016 CMGMA (Colorado Medical Group Management Association) compensation survey for physicians, providers, managers and staff is now open. The survey will be conducted completely online through the MGMA website. CMGMA will use the resources of MGMA to make participation easier for practices, and those who participate will receive access to Colorado practice information.

As you wrap up your 2015 practice accounting be sure you have provider production and compensation information, and staff compensation and benefit information in a convenient place for easy access for the survey.

Key points:

  • The survey will be available for 2016 participation until March 4, 2016.
  • You can participate in the survey directly on the MGMA website with this link: http://www.mgma.com/industry-data/participate-in-an-mgma-survey.
  • CMGMA members will be eligible to receive a PDF report by using a widget for access at CMGMA.com.
  • You get what you give for free, and can receive discounts on other selected data based reports. To receive staff compensation benchmarking information you must participate in the “Management Compensation” section of the data collection tool.

Questions? Contact Jan Krause at 303-691-5090 or jkrause@krausecpa.com.


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