Payment Reform

There is a growing consensus that the fee-for-service reimbursement model is not the best way to provide quality, safe, cost-effective care, particularly in cases of chronic conditions and high-risk patients. Instead, options such as bundled or episodes of care payments, gain sharing and global payments are actively being explored.

Payment reform is a critical component to evolving the health care system and ensuring that patients receive safe, quality and cost-effective care. Changing the way that care is reimbursed poses a number of challenges and opportunities that physicians are uniquely positioned to address.

What you can do

Payment reform is a complex, extremely important issue that deserves thoughtful physician participation because it is predicated on finding savings within the system. A number of initiatives are already underway or are gearing up across Colorado by both public and private payers. While there is not one right way, it is unwise to sit this out in the belief that these initiatives will pass.

We encourage you to carefully review the resources in this section of the website, then contact Chet Seward in the CMS office if you are interested in getting a group of physician colleagues together from your component or specialty society, your IPA, your group or your neighborhood to discuss payment reform and help to develop solutions that will work for Colorado physicians and the patients they serve.

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