Workers' Comp and Personal Injury

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Helpful forms for physicians

Discharge or Refusal Form Letter with Flow Chart
This is a new requirement of physicians treating injured workers.

Designated Health Care Provider Disclosure (WC030)
This form is used by a designated health care provider when a request is made for information on ownership interests and employment relationships.
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Physician’s Reports (WC164)
This form is used by the physician to provide information on the status, progress and medical treatment of the injured worker. It is also used to provide information on the date of maximum medical improvement and permanent impairment. A copy of the completed report is provided to both the insurer and the claimant. Revised 11/14.
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Permanent Mental Impairment Rating Worksheet (WC-M3 Psych)
This worksheet is used by Level II Accredited Physicians to assign permanent mental impairment ratings.
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Pharmacy Billing Statement (WC-M4 Psych)
This form is used by the Pharmacy to bill the carrier for payment.
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