Celebrating Doctors’ Day today, March 30

Thursday, March 30, 2017 02:21 PM
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Today, March 30, is Doctors’ Day, and the Colorado Medical Society wants to say “thank you” to our members as we celebrate the tireless efforts of all physicians who put their heart and soul into their work each and every day.

A recent American Medical Association survey of 1,200 physicians and physicians-in-training found that despite challenges common to each career stage and today’s challenging health care landscape, nine in 10 of the respondents are satisfied with their career choice. Half of those who pursue medicine consider it a calling, and three-quarters of physicians are motivated by the opportunity to help people above all else.  Remarkably, 73 percent of those surveyed knew before they reached the age of 20 that they wanted to become doctors, and nearly one-third knew before becoming a teenager.

This is part of what makes medicine – and the community of health providers – so special and unique. Thank you.

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