Gov. John Hickenlooper presents plan to make Colorado the healthiest state in the nation

Saturday, May 11, 2013 10:44 AM
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Gov. John Hickenlooper released his work plan for wellness at a press event on May 6. “The State of Health: Colorado’s Commitment to Become the Healthiest State” lays out a vision to achive this designation through four focus areas: the promotion of prevention and wellness; expansion of health care coverage, access and capacity; improvement of health system integration and quality; and by enhancing value and strengthening sustainability.

The Colorado Medical Society has been an active stakeholder since the beginning of the year, providing feedback on the plan to the governor’s staff as it was taking shape. The CMS Board of Directors reviewed the plan and at their May 3 meeting and voted to support it, pledging to educate members on the plan, provide resources on healthy living and ways physicians can participate in public and patient education, partner with other stakeholders, and encourage physicians to lead by example by living a healthy lifestyle.

“While many states are wrapped around the axle of partisan and ideological bickering over health care costs and entitlements, Gov. Hickenlooper has developed a health care plan that is shovel-ready,” CMS President Jan Kief, MD, said in a statement. “It builds on and expands a solid base of collaboration and streamlining that is already years into development and maturity.”

Click here for a PDF of the report. Click here to read a statement by Dr. Kief, and click here to read a press release on CMS’ support of the plan.

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