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Monday, March 18, 2013 02:43 PM
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Strategy on Comprehensive Health Care Reform*

  1. Strategic Objective: Keep the voice of physicians at any health care reform “table” that is set to meaningfully shape policy all the way to the Governor’s desk. Assure that politically viable heath system reform policy options reflect the insights and practical realities of every day medical practice.
  2. Support Policies that Work: CMS policies will be evidence-based and peer reviewed by practicing physicians for their efficacy. They will be the “gold standard” for evaluating, comparing and shaping health care reform proposals.
  3. Legislative Engagement at the Grassroots: Legislators will be educated at the local level by the physicians in their districts and communities on CMS health care reform policy objectives. COMPAC will utilize the work of the Physicians’ Congress and develop and deploy a grassroots program that gives key contact physicians and Alliance members the needed tools to inform members of the Colorado Legislature.
  4. Build Alliances and Work in Coalitions for Common Purposes: CMS will create and maintain constructive communications with all stakeholders. Discussions are already underway at varying stages with business, labor, consumer/patient groups, allied health, commercial managed care and attorneys.
  5. Full Contact Lobbying: CMS will regularly brief the Governor and key members of the legislature, engaging in active advocacy as necessary.
  6. The Right Message and Messengers: CMS will measure public perceptions against medical and socioeconomic realities when gauging physician commentary. Messaging will be strategically framed and consistently presented.
  7. The Longer View: The positions lobbied and public statements made will anticipate both the short and long-term consequences of CMS policies and reflect a sense of patience, wisdom, and gravitas.

*Excerpted from report (CONG-1 AMʼ07) by the Physicians’ Congress that was approved by the CMS House of Delegates at the 2007 Annual Meeting.


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