As promised in his State of the State address on Jan. 10, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis signed the second executive order of his office, effectively creating the new Office of Saving People Money on Health Care. The goal of the Office, led by Lt. Gov. Dianne Primavera, is to study, identify and implement policies that will lower health care costs while ensuring all Coloradans have access to affordable, quality care. 

Anticipating public push back on health care costs, the CMS board of directors established the Special Work Group on Health Care Costs and Quality. CMS is poised to fully cooperate with the Office of Saving People Money on Health Care.

The Office will create and implement a roadmap for lowering the cost of health care including:

  • Reducing the cost of individual health insurance by working with the General Assembly to authorize a reinsurance program in Colorado;
  • Developing proposals for new, lower cost health insurance options;
  • Empowering the Division of Insurance to protect consumers and support rural and mountain communities working to lower their health care costs; and
  • Increasing hospital price transparency and establishing programs to reduce prescription drug prices.

The Office will also establish a statewide interagency collaborative effort to develop common policies and strategies to reduce the cost of health care; develop policies and strategies to support innovation and efficiencies in health care systems to reduce health care costs; work to ensure culturally competent and equitable access to health care; and improve health in Colorado by developing, promoting and implementing policies and strategies that reduce the costs of health care by promoting public health and addressing social determinants of health.

Read the full executive order here.

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