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The medical industry is unique—it requires a bank dedicated to its unique needs. With decades of health care experience, our bankers serve leading health care entities including nearly 200 practices and offices with more than 75 physicians across the spectrum of specialties: cardiology, anesthesia, orthopedics and primary care.

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Gold Medal Waters

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Gold Medal Waters is an independent wealth management firm that specializes in the unique challenges and goals of physicians and their families. 

We help our clients answer questions like these:

  • Are physician home loans worth it?
  • How do I ensure I won’t work past 70?
  • How do I transition to retirement?
  • How do I reduce my annual taxes?
  • How much should I save each year?
  • What retirement plans should I use?
  • Should I utilize deferred comp?
  • Is whole life insurance a good fit?
  • Should I sell to a medical group?
  • Is asset protection worth the cost?
  • What benefits should I elect?
  • Should I add physician staff?
  • In what order should I pay my debt?
  • Is my employment contract solid?

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Corporate Supporters | Financial Services