PERC - Medicaid Expansion

Thursday, April 11, 2013 02:23 PM
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Thousands of currently uninsured Coloradans will soon be eligible for Medicaid through expansions enacted at both the state and federal level. Some estimates predict that Medicaid will be the second largest payer by 2015. Increased Medicaid payments to 100% of Medicare in 2013-2014 may drive physician participation in the program.

Colorado Medicaid is leading the nation on numerous innovation fronts including medical homes and accountable care. The program has demonstrated responsiveness to local physician/community perspectives and there may be similar opportunities to shape reform implementation locally moving forward. The links below provide physicians with concise information on Colorado’s move to Medicaid accountable care collaboratives, specific areas of program expansion, coverage, benefits, reimbursement and other assistance. The information is important to doctors interested in changing their practice as the marketplace shifts from fee-for-service (see section on reimbursement game changers) and those physicians that currently are or who may become participating Medicaid providers.



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