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11 tips to reduce vulnerability with cybercrime

Monday, June 26, 2017

At the recent 2017 American Hospital Association Annual Membership Meeting, the FBI addressed the audience to discuss the seriousness of Cybercrime and what to do about it. All hospitals and healthcare providers are potential targets for Cybercrime and the threat can come from anywhere. Cybercriminals are after more than just patient information – names, addresses, birthdates and even credit card numbers are at risk.

Many providers are familiar with ransomware attacks – but that is just the beginning. While you can’t prevent cyberattacks, you can help deter and reduce vulnerability. Here are 11 tips from the FBI on how protect yourself.

11 tips to reduce vulnerability with cybercrime:

Next steps
From software to hardware, constant vigilance and regular upgrades are essential. Also, be aware of all technologies that may be storing personal data. Finally, consider leasing equipment to certify that a thorough and professional data cleansing has been completed at the end of the day.

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