The New CMS

7 Changes That Will Keep You Engaged, Informed and Empowered

Welcome to the changing Colorado Medical Society – a medical society that places members first by
keeping you more engaged, informed and empowered than ever before.


  1. You will have an unprecedented voice in CMS.
    In 2016, CMS will introduce a virtual grassroots policy communications process that allows you to submit a policy idea 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and to provide input and advice on subjects that are important to you and your patients — all from the convenience of your laptop or smartphone.
  2. You will have the power to choose your representation.
    CMS has replaced the House of Delegates process with an all-member election system for the CMS President-elect and AMA delegates.
  3. You will have a direct connection to a more empowered board.
    Policymaking authority will be placed in the board of directors, with robust input and influence from you and other CMS members. You will have the ability to quickly learn about upcoming board policy votes and voice your opinion directly to your board representative. The board will automatically be required to reconsider if the majority of CMS members who respond to a request for post-vote input disagree.
  4. You will be represented by a diverse, informed and responsive board.
    The board of directors will reduce in size from 36 to 15 members (plus sections) to ensure accountability; and, with direction on expertise and experience, component societies and sections will appoint board members to build a more diverse, representative group.
  5. A system of checks and balances will ensure your needs are met.
    Open board meetings and listening sessions with component societies and physician groups will ensure transparency and accountability; and member input before and after board policy votes will assure the board’s decisions reflect member wants and needs.
  6. CMS will recruit and train the CMS and component leaders of the future.
    CMS will aggressively recruit and train the next generation of physician leaders by providing advanced leadership training opportunities.
  7. You will have access to a highly relevant Annual Meeting attractive to all CMS members.
    In the coming months, CMS will work to revamp the structure of the Annual Meeting to maximize its relevance to members, boost its educational content and optimize

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Stay tuned this page and other CMS communications to learn more about these important changes, follow our progress and learn how you can get involved. We want to hear from you and are available to answer your questions. Please contact CMS President Katie Lozano, MD, FACR, at