The New CMS

Medical Society Management Series

A working group comprising past CMS leaders and graduates of the CMS Advanced Physician Leadership Training program will help develop the Medical Society Leadership Training Program, one of the most highly anticipated aspects of The New CMS. A benefit of the traditional House of Delegates was its role as an incubator for the leaders of the future; The New CMS will now aggressively recruit and train leaders for the component and state levels who reflect the evolving demographic and diversity of Colorado physicians. Over the next few months, the working group will select and collaborate with a qualified consultant on the design and marketing of a skills-based curriculum for the explicit purpose of medical society leadership development. The target start date for the first cohort is late 2016 to early 2017. 

Complementing this effort is the biannual funding and assisted coordination of the Advanced Physician Leadership Program, a yearlong leadership training program that helps physicians attain the tools and skills to effectively lead and transform health care. The program strengthens the ability of physicians to assume leadership roles within the profession and their communities, and empowers them to confidently serve as champions to improve the delivery of cost-effective, high quality and safe care. Planning for the third cohort of the APLP will begin in mid-2016.

It’s more important than ever for physicians to play an integral role in health care delivery, policymaking and administration, said Jeremy Lazarus, MD, working group chair and past president of the American Medical Association. He said these programs represent unique opportunities in Colorado to gain skill sets that might not have been part of their traditional medical education.

“Through these initiatives physicians can master some of the best knowledge to navigate the choppy waters of the future and also bring that expertise to bear in their component societies, specialty societies, practices and hospitals, as well as to develop the future leadership of our Colorado Medical Society,” Lazarus said. “A strong CMS needs strong and even more knowledgeable leadership to be at the center of any changes in our Colorado health care system. I am excited to be a part of developing those initiatives for my physician colleagues and will look forward to their leadership in the future.”

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