The New CMS

Message from Mike Volz, MD: My First 30 Days as CMS President

Dear Colleague,

As I approach the close of my first 30 days in office as your medical society president, I want to share with you the strides that CMS has made over the past month, and to prepare for the metamorphosis that this organization will undergo in the next year.  With your input and support, I look forward to leading this organization as it transforms into The New CMS, a medical society that is dedicated to further empowering its members and harnessing the intellectual and political muscle of physicians across Colorado.

The New CMS
As many of you are already aware, at our 145th Annual Meeting in September, the House of Delegates voted overwhelmingly to dissolve themselves into a realigned, grassroots-centered governance model that will directly connect you with your elected representatives in a more significant manner than ever before.

We need your help to build The New CMS. Get involved today. 

  • Re-engineer the CMS Annual Meeting: Participate in a work group of your peers in two to three, two-hour work sessions over the next four months to plan the Annual Meeting of the future. Please contact me at to volunteer.
  • Build our new grassroots policy forum: We need both technology-proficient and technology-challenged physicians to participate in a short-term work group in three to four work sessions of two hours or less over the course of the next 10 months to help build-out our new virtual grassroots policy communications forum so it is simple and easy-to-use for practicing CMS member physicians. Please contact me at to volunteer.
  • Run for office or support a candidate for CMS President-elect or AMA Delegate and Alternate Delegate: Watch for the Election Guide to be published in early 2016.
  • Sponsor a regional forum with CMS leadership: (see below).
  • Participate in an all-member webinar on Dec. 16: Learn more about the New CMS and our work on network adequacy and health plan mergers.

Anticipated 2016 Public Policy Priorities
As we approach 2016, CMS will walk parallel paths, as we simultaneously retool the organization, and turn our focus to a series of unusually complex and politically viable public policy matters at the state level. These include:

  • Out-of-Network Payment
  • Health Plan Network Access and Adequacy
  • Insurance Industry Consolidations
  • Maintaining Medicaid Primary Code Parity with Medicare

We need your help to inform our policy priorities. Get involved today.

As we transform CMS into a grassroots-centered model, I am committed to gathering your feedback on these pressing issues. CMS has already participated in grassroots policy forums with two component societies, and we have one scheduled later this month on the Western Slope. If you are interested in a regional forum so we can continue to understand where you stand on these important matters, please contact me.

As I look forward to the next 30 days and beyond, I am confident that the changes we make today will build the foundation for a stronger CMS tomorrow. Together, we will carry your voice into the boardrooms and halls of the legislature and Congress. Together, we will shape a CMS that truly represents your interests.

Best regards,

Mike Volz, MD, President
Colorado Medical Society

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Stay tuned this page and other CMS communications to learn more about these important changes, follow our progress and learn how you can get involved. We want to hear from you and are available to answer your questions. Please contact CMS President Katie Lozano, MD, FACR, at