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Help for physicians in need
Are you a physician in need of temporary financial assistance?

The Jane Nugent Cochems Charitable Trust provides for the distribution of funds with certain limited criteria for physicians who are experiencing financial need.

The decision on who will receive these distributions will be on the basis of the financial information submitted, and will be solely the decision of the president of the Colorado Medical Society.

The amount of the distributions will generally be between $5,000 and $10,000, but in serious crisis situations, the amount may be increased to the estimated annual income of the trust, which is currently $15,000. These are expected to be one-time distributions, but in exceptional circumstances, additional years may be considered.

Application instructions
In order to provide sufficient data to meet the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service for distributions from a charitable trust to individuals, it is necessary to have financial information to substantiate the need. This application indicates the necessary information that will be required to qualify for a distribution.

Simply download and fill out an application form, balance sheet and personal income statement. You will be asked a set of questions to provide the necessary information for the president of the Colorado Medical Society to make decisions on distributions.

Download the Cochems Trust application, balance sheet and personal income statement.

CMS has extended the deadline for the Jane Nugent Charitable Trust until Feb. 1, 2022 to assist physician members affected by the Marshall and Middle Fork Fires. If you and/or your practice has been affected, please apply.

Please send all materials to Jane Nugent Cochems Trust c/o Accounting, Colorado Medical Society 7351 Lowry Blvd., Ste. 110, Denver CO 80230-6902 or by email to accounting@cms.org.

For more information please call the Colorado Medical Society, 720-859-1001.