On Thursday, Aug. 1, all CMS members for whom we have an email address on file received an invitation to vote for a slate of Colorado Medical Society (CMS) officers from CMS. The easiest way to vote is by locating this email, which includes your CMS member number (required to be entered on the ballot for validation purposes. If you did not receive your ballot, you can access it here. Again, you must have your CMS member number. Contact Susanna at (720) 858-6312 or membership@cms.org if you need your member number.

The following CMS physicians have announced their candidacy for office. Click on each candidate's name below for their candidate statement and CV.

President-elect (two candidates running for one position)

AMA Delegation (eight candidates running for eight positions)

Once again all ballots will be cast electronically. All CMS members are encouraged to use this opportunity to vote, affirming the significant commitment of our organization to engage all members in the governance process. We also ask you to consider seeking a leadership position next year. More details on the 2020 nomination period will be available in September. Thank you for your participation in your medical society.

How you’ll hear from us 

Because all voting will be conducted electronically, we need to make sure we can reach every member via email. If you prefer to receive the ballot at a different email address, update your information by contacting membership@cms.org.

We also recommend that you add Constant Contact as an approved sender (directions at end of this article). If CMS does not have your email address or if you have opted out of receiving ASAP or any other CMS electronic publications in the past, email membership@cms.org or call 720-858-6312.

What does it mean to add an address to a safe senders list?

Email newsletters can be blocked or filtered into your email bulk folder especially now that email filters are focusing more strongly on “grey mail” or commercial mail. As a result, you may miss important announcements or alerts from CMS, like this one for the all-member election.

If you already receive CMS electronic newsletters like ASAP, you need not worry because you are already signed up and will be able to vote. If you have not, please consider signing up for CMS email communications by visiting this link with easy to follow instructions at https://tinyurl.com/yapf9sfd. This form will let you choose which email communications you want to receive.

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