The Colorado Board of Health adopted permanent rules around the medical use of marijuana that will be effective Nov. 14, 2019. These are in addition to emergency rules that became effective Aug. 2, and remain in effect until the permanent rules take effect.

Of note for physicians, more providers can recommend medical marijuana to treat disabling medical conditions, including dentists, physician assistants, podiatrists, optometrists and advanced nurse practitioners with prescriptive authority.  Providers can also recommend medical marijuana in lieu of opioids and decide the registration period for cards issued to treat disabling conditions.

Newly eligible practitioners who choose to recommend medical marijuana will need to register for a provider account. The Medical Marijuana Registry (MMR) is working to allow all providers to register online. Until this is complete, newly eligible practitioners must contact MMR directly and provide required credential and identity documentation to receive their provider account.

Additionally, bills passed by the 2019 Colorado General Assembly modify the physician requirements for minor patients with a disabling medical condition. Provisions were added to the regulation to clarify that providers must document that they explained the possible risks and benefits of medical marijuana to the patient’s parents or guardians, and should make an effort to collaborate with a minor’s primary care provider.

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