Colorado is currently building a statewide contact tracing system to assist a safer rollback of the Stay-At-Home Order. While CDPHE, local health departments, and their partner organizations are still vetting trainings for volunteers and establishing a contact tracing system, CMS is soliciting volunteers such as yourself to step up when the call comes.

According to estimates by the National Association of City and County Health Officials in the Denver Metro area alone, an effective contact tracing and support system would require 959 trained workers and volunteers.

We are currently looking for two types of volunteers:

  • Contact tracers interview persons who have tested positive for COVID-19 and those with whom they have had recent contact to trace the spread of the virus through a community. Contact Tracers are instrumental in informing the public and slowing the rate of new infections. Note: Contact Tracers work remotely, connecting with individuals via phone and videochat.
  • COVID navigators provide support to persons who have tested positive for COVID-19 after their initial interview with a Contact Tracer. They assist a self-isolating person with the services they need to successfully quarantine including, but not limited to, food and supply delivery, medical and wellness needs, internet access, and assistance communicating with their workplace. Note: COVID Navigators work remotely, connecting with individuals via phone and videochat.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out this form so we can efficiently connect you with organizers in your area when the need arises. After completion of the form, a CMS staff person will be in touch within 48 hours to add you to the Basecamp discussion group dedicated to volunteer contact tracers and COVID navigators.

If you are seeking other volunteer opportunities, please sign up at

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