Historical record of action taken during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Colorado Medical Society is committed to helping physicians when they need help. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, some of this work has included amplifying the voice of science. Below you will find a record of both letters the Colorado Medical Society has created or signed on to that promote proper public health measures that must be in place to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Questions? Email membership@cms.org.


11/9/21 ASAP

  • House of Medicine urges masking indoors: CMS joined the Denver Medical Society and others in the House of Medicine in urging Gov. Jared Polis to issue a temporary executive order requiring face coverings in indoor public spaces for all individuals two years and older regardless of vaccination status. We believe this would reduce the transmission of COVID-19 at a time when hospitals are anticipating ICU bed shortages. https://files.ctctusercontent.com/42cad56c001/864da8ae-5ead-4104-9da0-ce4be46b591a.pdf?rdr=true (11/4/21)


10/27/21 ASAP

  • CMS is standing up against misinformation: To combat COVID-19 misinformation, today CMS and others in the House of Medicine urged the Colorado Medical Board to take action against licensees who are spreading misleading information about COVID-19 vaccination and public health interventions. This is injuring the public and the medical board can more aggressively exercise its authority to protect the public. https://cms.org/uploads/HOM10.27.21LtrCOVIDMisinformation.pdf (10/27/21)


8/19/21 ASAP

  • CMS joined the Colorado Hospital Association and 18 other health care organizations in a statement that all health care workers should be vaccinated; expresses support for organizations that have imposed vaccination mandates; and, per CDC guidance, urges everyone age 2 and older to wear masks indoors in public places, including schools. Statement 
  • CMS coordinated a letter to Gov. Jared Polis to urge universal masking for Colorado school-aged children as COVID-19 cases rise. Letter



  • Encourage COVID-19 vaccination with #CMSWhatsYourWhy: CMS launched #CMSWhatsYourWhy -- a campaign that encourages physicians to publicly share your reason to get a COVID-19 vaccination, if you choose to receive one, to reassure the public of the safety, efficacy and importance of this and other vaccines. To participate, print the #CMSWhatsYourWhy photo prop; take a selfie holding the sign or even of you receiving the vaccine (white coats and masks encouraged!); and upload this picture to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with your "why" statement as the caption and the hashtag #CMSWhatsYourWhy. The fight against COVID-19 is far from over, and the vaccine's release brings a whole new set of challenges. CMS is prepared to help. Together we can make a big difference. Learn more at www.cmswhatsyourwhy.com.