by Kate Alfano, CMS Communications Coordinator

Your elected delegation to the American Medical Association attended the 2019 AMA Interim Meeting in San Diego Nov. 15-19, to present and participate in educational sessions; hear speeches from AMA leaders like President Patrice Harris, MD, MA; testify on resolutions to the AMA; and vote on new AMA policies. They joined 2,500 physicians, residents and students from all 50 states and over 115 specialties in the meeting, which concluded with 74 resolutions and reports adopted.

Of note, Colorado’s Lynn Parry, MD, presented “There is no medicine in medical marijuana,” to the Organization of State Medical Association Presidents (OSMAP); see page 14 for a summary of her presentation. Also, both resolutions brought by Colorado passed as policy; one supports the appropriate use of scientific studies and data in the development of public policy. And the Young Physicians Section (YPS) pushed for the AMA to ensure its pilot childcare program is now permanent, which YPS hopes will dramatically increase involvement from physicians with young families.

New policies were passed by AMA delegates to ban conversion therapy; protect residents and fellows displaced by unexpected teaching hospital closures; urgently advocate for regulatory, legislative or legal action at the federal or state levels to ban the sale and distribution of all e-cigarette and vaping products; modernize public health surveillance to alleviate the burden on physicians and improve data; support free sunscreen in public spaces to prevent skin cancer; and oppose collecting DNA of refugees.

AMA President Harris detailed the AMA’s ongoing efforts to reinforce science and evidence-based approaches as it works to remove barriers to patient care. She told delegates, “In this era of distrust, I would submit to you … that the AMA is just what the doctor ordered. And we – both individually and collectively – are more than a match for this moment. … As I said just a few months ago, we, the physicians of the AMA, believe we can uplift our entire profession. We believe we can improve care for ALL of our 300-plus million fellow Americans … and stand as leaders in health care across the globe. … We can do this because people trust us … and because we will always strive to be worthy of their trust.”

CMS encourages all Colorado physicians to join the American Medical Association. Visit to access the online application.

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