by Kate Alfano, CMS Communications Coordinator

The Colorado Medical Society Board of Directors approved the 2019-2020 operational plan at their meeting in September. It will drive our work within three key areas in the coming year: public policy, communications and organizational excellence. Health care today is complex and multi-faceted, and this plan puts a priority on the issues that are critical for physicians and the patients they serve.

In the public policy section, CMS will focus on member priorities to positively impact rewarding physician careers. Given the convergence of several factors – an activist legislature and governor, a public anxious about the impacts of rising costs on affordability of coverage, concerns about access and safety, and a profession burdened by administrative complexity and burnout – top priorities will be addressing cost of care, the liability climate and the opioid crisis; reducing administrative burden; empowering physicians in all clinical settings to maintain autonomy and professional viability; and advocating for appropriate scope of practice.

CMS communications will continue to strive for dynamic exchange of information with members to ensure timely action on their priorities. Central Line is the paramount tool for members, allowing for direct engagement and involvement with CMS governance. The Know Your Legal Rights database helps physician practices take advantage of statutory and regulatory protections related to public and private payers by providing members with meaningful information and actionable tools about current legislative and regulatory protections. Colorado Medicine is a foundational piece of the CMS communications platform and will continue to keep members, legislators and other stakeholders informed on CMS priorities and provide helpful information and future trends. And e-newsletters ASAP and Livewire, periodic presidential communications, and the CMS website keep CMS members informed on important issues.

Finally, in the organizational excellence section, the goal is to continue innovation by CMS to increase membership value and make CMS meaningful and relevant to a diverse physician population. Focal points are: membership retention and recruitment; enhancing physicians’ professional satisfaction; enhancing and implementing best practices in board governance; continuing to improve the CMS advocacy program; surveying members regularly to gain insights on priority projects; recruiting, training and deploying leaders, especially medical students and the Delegation to the American Medical Association; continuing to work with component societies on joint priorities; providing and accrediting high-quality CME; maintaining the excellent work of the two CMS charitable foundations; and maintaining and seeking new non-dues revenue to help fund operations.

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