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Press Statement on the Release of the Colorado Option Bill

Colorado Medical Society (CMS) has a long history of advocating for quality, cost-effective health insurance coverage and access for all Coloradans. Physicians have been actively engaged in the state’s months-long stakeholder process to date and, while we have no official position on this bill yet, it is clear that physicians want to remain actively engaged as the debate unfolds.

Physicians continue to consider the rising cost of care to be a critical issue and they emphasize the need for health care value which includes quality, not just cost control, coupled with ensuring access to care.  
While CMS completes a full analysis of the bill, a few initial observations stand out:

  • We support the potential for increased access to and coverage for care.
  • We support increased competition in insurance markets.
  • We support efforts to reduce costs while maintaining high-quality, high-value care.
  • We are concerned that the plan may shift costs to other parts of the market.
  • We are concerned that hospital rate-setting may negatively impact the hospital workforce, access to care, and quality of care. It may also set a precedent for future rate setting. 
  • We are concerned that the plan may not be the right solution to improve health care affordability.

“Our members are united in the goal to bring high value care to all patients in Colorado,” says David Markenson, M.D., President of the Colorado Medical Society. “We are committed to being part of this process to ensure that physicians have the ability to practice medicine in the way that provides the best care to their patients.”

As physicians, nothing is more important to our members than our patients. Payment models that both increase access to high quality care, while properly reimbursing physicians and other clinicians, are critical to the future of health care in Colorado.

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David Markenson, M.D.
President, Colorado Medical Society


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