HB1232 - Standardized Health Benefit Plan
"Colorado Option"

> URGENT: Our focus now shifts to the Senate <
Contact your Senator today and ask them to oppose HB1232. This bill seeks to mandate physician participation in the Colorado Option and set reimbursement rates.

Find Your Senator Here: https://leg.colorado.gov/find-my-legislator

Just after 2:00 a.m. this morning, the Colorado House of Representatives voted along party lines to approve HB 21-1232, the Colorado Option plan. But as anyone who watched the more than seven hours of proceedings can tell you, the voice of Colorado physicians was loud and clear as dozens of your emails were read into the official record, highlighting the dangers of this bill.
THANK YOU for your response to our call to contact your Representatives, but we are just getting started. As the bill prepares to move to the Senate, we must now shift our focus. We need you to contact your Senator today.

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What do I say when I call or write my Senator?

It is critical that you maintain a very professional, patient-centered tone.

Introduce yourself as a physician, member of the Colorado Medical Society, and a constituent in their district.

Identify that you are calling to share concerns about HB21-1232 Standardized Health Benefit Plan Colorado Option.

Emphasize the following key points:

  • We agree that health care costs are too high and must be reduced, however, as written, this bill will do harm to the health care system and patients.
  • No commercial, state or federal health benefit plan requires mandatory participation. This bill is an unprecedented, illegal step too far. Coercion of burned-out and demoralized physicians who have been on the frontlines of a pandemic for over a year won't make a health care system that is sustainable.
  • Health plans will hold all of the power - at the expense of community physicians and the patients we serve. The bill provides even more leverage to highly profitable health plans to only offer take-it-or-leave-it contracts to physicians. Under this bill corporate executives and shareholders will continue to profit at the expense of physicians and patients.
  • As written, the bill only focuses on slashing costs. The promotion of prevention and providing high-value, innovative care are barely after-thoughts in the bill.
  • Health care workforce shortages in Colorado are real, especially in rural and underserved communities. Mandatory participation in the public option will drive physicians away and make the task of recruiting and retaining physicians even more difficult.
  • Share a personal story about the importance of reducing health care costs in a way that prioritizes high-quality care, streamlines administrative burdens, and will not drive physicians out of Colorado.
  • Ask them to vote NO on HB21-1232 Colorado Option on the Senate floor.
  • Thank your legislator for their time and reiterate your concern with this legislation.

Remember, consistent and persistent opposition from physicians is the only chance we have to stop this bill from passing in its current form. There are special interest groups out there claiming that Colorado physicians are in favor of this legislation or that Colorado physicians don't want to care for patients. Our survey shows that more than 80% of Colorado physicians oppose mandatory participation.
This will not be the last time we call upon you for your help. Together, the unified voices of Colorado’s physicians can help to preserve our patients and our practices.
Thank you,

Sami Diab, MD
Colorado Medical Society