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Denver, CO – The Colorado Medical Society (CMS) – the largest organization of physicians in Colorado, with over 7,000 members across all specialties, regions and practice settings – issued a statement in advance of Monday’s Colorado Senate Health and Insurance Committee hearing, where the members will consider House Bill 21-1232, also known as the ‘Colorado Option’ plan.

The following statement is attributable to Dr. Sami Diab, president of CMS:

“As physicians, we believe that expanding health care access to more Coloradans is important – especially after the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Colorado physicians work tirelessly every day to provide needed care to their patients that is both high quality and affordable. But HB21-1232 is deeply flawed and would actually harm our ability to provide high-value, innovative care.

“The mandatory participation requirement will exacerbate Colorado’s existing physician shortage by driving doctors out of the state and making it harder to recruit new ones to practice medicine here. With fewer physicians, patients will have less options for care, hurting those in our rural and underserved communities the most.

“The voice of Colorado physicians has been loud and clear with three out of four physicians in opposition to HB21-1232. Proponents claim that this bill will save money, but in reality, HB21-1232 fails to address the primary drivers of high health care costs and prioritize high-quality care. In the end, HB21-1232 will cost the state, taxpayers and patients more money, while access and quality of care suffer.

“We all want better value in our health care system for Colorado patients, but HB21-1232 misses the mark. We urge members of the committee to consider the dangerous impact this bill will have on doctors and patients and vote no.”


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