Bringing trusted, vetted, valuable resources to CMS members

by Dianna Fetter, CMS Senior Director of Business Development

The Colorado Medical Society is excited to launch its new Partners in Medicine (PIM) Program. Founded in 2020, Partners in Medicine is a forum to develop an open dialogue and connection between industry leaders and physician members of the Colorado Medical Society in the furtherance of patient care and helping physicians achieve personal and professional satisfaction.

CMS has partnered with a host of respected and leading health care industry and wellness providers to offer services in many areas of physician need. Current offerings cover HIPAA compliance, practice staffing and management, mental health resources, financial assistance and advice, telehealth, billing, transcription and even travel planning. And we’re growing, adding new Partners throughout the year! View examples on page 11.

CMS created Partners in Medicine to ease the burden on our members by researching member needs and vetting companies to ensure that their offerings and services meet and exceed the standards set by our Society.

In March 2021, 15 partners met on a virtual call with CMS staff to describe their products, vision and enthusiasm about being part of this innovative project. It was clear that they truly respect and admire what physicians do each day. Many have worked with physicians for decades and want to be part of that calling to humanitarian service that is at the heart of delivering quality health care. They also want to take care of health care professionals. CMS staff and partners alike nodded along on the Zoom call as peers made comments such as “let physicians do what they do best, and we can ease the burden on a physician/practice by providing useful tools and services;” and “we can be a one-stop shop for physicians to save them time and resources;” and “physicians are my people!”

The enthusiasm around this partnership is palpable and CMS hopes this endeavor will add great value for our members and truly make a difference in physician wellness and practice satisfaction. Each partner is unique and, coming together on the March call, many appreciated learning about the broad offerings of other partners. They each look forward to working with physicians and their practices.

There are multiple ways for members to access information about these valuable services, chiefly through our website and brochure. We encourage each physician and practice to take the time to learn about our Partners in Medicine and how they can benefit you! Potential partners can contact for more information on the application process.

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