Rulemaking nearly complete

The Colorado Division of Insurance is speeding toward the Nov. 30 deadline to submit the 1332 State Innovation Waiver request to the federal government, which will outline the framework for the standardized plan for the Colorado Option, and the Jan. 1 deadline to finalize rulemaking.

CMS advocating for you

The Colorado Medical Society has vigorously advocated for physicians and patients at all stakeholder meetings and has submitted multiple letters with written comments, including an Oct. 20 letter on the draft benefit design regulation and an Oct. 26 letter on the draft network adequacy regulation. Our comments to date have emphasized the need for evidence-based benefit design to help incentivize high-value care and control costs through additional support for prevention and chronic disease management.

The bottom line

CMS believes the Colorado Option should be designed to include innovative, evidence-based mechanisms to control costs and reduce health disparities so the plan drives better value in health care, increases competition, and enables broad provider participation. Physicians should not be held responsible for cost cuts in a product that may be flawed from the start.

Need a refresher?

The Colorado Option will be available starting in 2023 for Coloradans who buy health insurance on the individual and small group markets.

Revisit CMS's Colorado Option Primer:

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