It’s that time of year again: CMS is currently accepting nominations to the COMPAC Board of Directors to fill five vacant seats. Self-nominations are welcome. See current COMPAC board members here.

COMPAC is the nonpartisan political action committee of the Colorado Medical Society (CMS) that supports and elects pro-physician, pro-patient candidates based on candidate interviews by physicians at the local level using the following objective criteria to determine which candidates to endorse:

  1. a candidate’s philosophy and positions on medical issues;
  2. the sentiment of physicians who reside and vote in the district; and
  3. demographics of the district and a candidate’s ability to win.

Nominations should include the nominee's resume and short statement of the nominee's interest in joining the COMPAC board. Please submit nominations to Emily Bishop at no later than Aug. 12, 2019. They will be considered by the COMPAC Board nominations committee and a final vote of approval will take place at the CMS Annual Meeting, Presidential Celebration and Inaugural Gala on Sept. 14, 2019.

Questions? Contact Emily at 720-858-6322.

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