BCMS: Supporting physicians through social and educational events

Connecting with peers in social settings benefits physicians in multiple ways. Certainly it can help build referral networks but it can also bring back the proverbial water cooler – providing a place where physicians can check in with each other about positive or negative outcomes, the latest medical knowledge or personal interests. The Boulder County Medical Society sees our bimonthly educational soirees and other no-agenda social events throughout the year as crucial to supporting the community of local physicians and encouraging physician wellbeing.

Contact BCMS Executive Director Judy Ladd at bcmedsoc@aol.com for more information on upcoming events.

A PCMS event: Your work or your life?
Physician burnout in 2019

Your career? Yourself? Your Life?” These were just three of the provocative questions 13 attendees considered at a physician wellness event hosted by the Pueblo County Medical Society on May 23, 2019. The small group setting lent itself to a warm and friendly learning experience as presenter Jeff Moody, MD, shared his personal and professional experience with burnout and the results of a survey on physician burnout he conducted with local physicians.

The survey found:

  • Nearly 40 percent of PCMS members sought treatment for burnout but 60 percent have not due to concern over privacy issues,
  • EMR documentation was the clinical activity contributing the most to burnout among members, and
  • Seeing patients caused little to no burnout among members.

Subsequently, due to the size of the group, deeper discussions took place and relationships between colleagues were established. Hope and confidence were also inspired, said Cheryl Law, PCMS CEO.

“Although we’ve been addressing the issue of physician burnout and wellness in our online newsletter and hosted the 2018 Heal the Healer symposium and the 2019 Physician Burnout event, our work is only starting; the need to address the issue of physician wellness in Pueblo is growing,” Law said. “We hope that we can count on our members for their continued support of our cause.”

Law encourages all Pueblo physicians to attend an upcoming PCMS event to connect with peers in the local medical community.

Watch for the next monthly enewsletter or contact her at 719-281-6073 or cheryl.law@pueblocms.org.

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