The CMS Committee on Physician Wellbeing met on April 29 to begin planning the July/August issue of Colorado Medicine. In addition to the April 29 meeting, which some members attended by phone, committee members provided feedback to editorial staff through a file-sharing platform.

From left: Mark Fogg, JD; Lucy Loomis, MD; F. Brent Keeler, MD; Michael Victoroff, MD; Oscar Sanchez, MD; Martina Schulte, MD; Elizabeth Yoder, MD; and Debra Parsons, MD, FACP.

CMS Committee on Wellbeing

Martina Schulte, MD (Chair)
Clara Raquel Epstein, MD
Mark Fogg, JD
Doris Gundersen, MD
David Hutchison, MD
Andrew Kamel
F. Brent Keeler, MD
Lucy Loomis, MD
Lela Mansoori, MD
Dianne McCallister, MD
William Neff, MD
Debra Parsons, MD, FACP
Patrick Pevoto, MD, RPh, MBA
Christie Reimer, MD
Deborah Saint-Phard, MD
​Oscar Sanchez, MD
Donna Sullivan, MD
Judy Toney, DO
Michael Victoroff, MD
Jennifer Wood, MD
Alison Yager, MD
Elizabeth Yoder, MD

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