CMS will need all hands on deck to reenact professional review protections for physicians in the closing month of the Colorado General Assembly. Legislation to do so (SB 19-234) was filed late last week in line with recommendations by the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) and unanimously approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee at a hearing on March 25. Shortly after the bill was filed, a key sponsor of the legislation urged CMS to sit down with representatives of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association to “work something out.” While the request to meet will be honored, CMS is very aware that physician members are extremely concerned about the idea of the professional review system being opened to discovery. A recent CMS-commissioned survey of physicians shows that members overwhelmingly agree that it is important to protect professional review documentation from being discoverable in lawsuits.

  • 79 percent say this is extremely important and another 14 percent say this is very important.
  • 87 percent of physicians who have served on a professional review committee say this is extremely important, versus 70 percent of those who have not served on a professional review committee.
Legislators must hear directly from you in order to help ensure the reenactment of professional review protections. Please watch for and immediately respond to Code Blue legislative alerts in the next few weeks.

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