by Patrick S. Pevoto, MD, RPh, MBA, incoming Chair, COMPAC Board of Directors

I am honored to have been named the new chair of the COMPAC Board of Directors with my term beginning Sept. 1. When I moved to Colorado in 2012, I was leaving a 20-year participation in organized medicine with the Texas Medical Association. I was not familiar with the workings of the Colorado Medical Society, and I was fortunate to have several members of CMS sponsor me to serve on the COMPAC board and begin to bring me up to speed. I have so much to still learn, and I look forward to continuing the great work put forward by Dr. Christopher Unrein, as well as all the chairs who preceded him.

One unique and valuable practice of COMPAC is the extensive interview process. COMPAC does not endorse based on political party; we work hard to have working, sustainable relationships with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle who are responsible for setting the course of health policy.

The campaign interview process was greatly affected, as everything was, by the emergence of COVID-19. CMS staff members were up to the task – particularly Emily Bishop, our CMS Director of Government Affairs. They coordinated countless interviews between teams of physicians and legislators by way of Zoom calls. The COMPAC board members, as well as the candidates, were gracious to participate by way of this virtual tool, ensuring the COMPAC Board didn’t miss a step in getting through the vetting process. The questions asked of the candidates were challenging and full of texture, and the physicians should be proud of the way they were represented. The COMPAC Board has chosen the best slate of candidates to represent the interests of our physicians.

When it comes down to it, CMS is a politically pragmatic organization that advocates for what works in the real world of medicine based on evidence-based policies, which evolve and require revisions just as medical practice does. Physicians understand this. A considerable amount of strategy goes into COMPAC endorsements that emphasize the inherent value of physician engagement in the political process and the ability to consider both sides of an issue to make the best determination for our profession and patients.

We must now move with great and determined speed toward contributing to these races. Unfortunately, due to many unforeseen circumstances beyond anyone’s control, we are far behind with the funding we need to make these contributions and candidates are largely unable to hold in-person campaign fundraising events.

I call on each CMS member to consider giving at least $100 to COMPAC or the maximum $625 for the two-year contribution period that ends with the November election.

COMPAC funds are vital to the success of our endorsements at the ballot box and we must receive these contributions as soon as possible. By doing so, we can fulfill and complete the great work COMPAC has accomplished to date.

Go to or contact for more information on getting involved. Your perspective and participation are critical to us.

Northern Colorado Medical Society poses COMPAC fundraising challenge

COMPAC would like to recognize the Board of Directors of the Northern Colorado Medical Society for committing to have 100 percent participation in COMPAC among their board members.

NCMS President Claire Murphy, MD, challenged each board member to donate at least $100 to COMPAC.

“The role of the physician as an advocate is integral to forwarding our medical profession,” Murphy said. “Investing in COMPAC and developing relationships with your local legislators is paramount. The Northern Colorado Medical Society has made this a priority, through interviewing candidates for endorsement, our annual legislative night, and the board COMPAC contribution challenge. This aspect of medicine can go unseen by many, but to keep Colorado the best place to practice medicine, we can’t forget that we need to support our profession in every way possible.”

Thank you, NCMS Board of Directors!

Would you like to join them in their support of COMPAC’s work? Go to to make a donation today! 

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