by Dani Kimlinger, PhD, MHA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Chief Executive Officer, MINES and Associates

In January 2022, a Medscape physician burnout and depression report published a study that in just one year, from 2020-2021, burnout was found to have increased among physicians. This study included more than 13,000 physicians. According to the study, more than half of the physicians shared that their burnout and stress was impacting most areas of their life and that the impact was “strong to severe” and impacting their relationships.

The stress and pressure above and beyond practicing leads to stress, burnout, and exhaustion. Practices face unique pressures from finding ways to retain nurses and other staff to navigating complex HR laws. The Practice Assistance Program can support CMS members.


There are a lot of daily pressures that can cause stress and burnout beyond normal levels that can be difficult to address alone. Reducing these stress levels is critical for your mental health.

A Practice Assistance Program offers free and confidential counseling with licensed mental health therapists to help address stress, burnout, compassion fatigue, and other life situations common within the medical community. A special physicians burnout program is also available to help with more extreme cases with intensive needs.


Legal and financial needs can be a huge hassle, especially when juggling everything else that physicians must think about in any given day.

With a Practice Assistance Program, you would have access to free 30-minute legal and financial consultations for quick questions and quick resolution to basic legal and financial needs. For those bigger and more intensive financial needs, financial coaching sessions are also available that allow you to sit down and discuss your in-depth financial needs with a professional financial coach over the course of several comprehensive sessions.

Work/life referrals

The busy day-to-day responsibilities of a physician can leave little time for other things including your personal life and family needs.

Unlimited work/life referrals are a standard part of a Practice Assistance Program and help you find daily services including childcare, eldercare, and other services including restaurants, house cleaners, dog walkers, professional services like plumbers, contractors, photographers, and more to save you time and effort so you can use your personal time for what you really want.

Wellness goals and needs

How can you focus on your own wellness goals when you spend your days helping your patients with their own health and wellness objectives? As a physician, helping people take care of themselves comes as second nature, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need help from time to time managing your own wellness.

This is where coaching can help! With a Practice Assistance Program, you would have access to hundreds of board-certified wellness coaches that can help you set and reach wellness goals, a comprehensive virtual reality, cognitive behavioral therapy program that addresses areas including stress and smoking cessation, and parenting and lactation coaches to help new and expecting parents navigate the hurdles that come with a new baby. With all these wellness resources, your personal wellness goals no longer have to take a back seat to your practice.


As a physician, you are an expert in a lot of topics and expected to stay current on compliance. Human resources (HR) laws and employee relations can be difficult to stay on top of. This means that while managing your practice, there may be employee and organizational needs that pop up daily that can feel like a minefield to navigate.

We have you covered here, too! As part of the Practice Assistance Program, you would have access to unlimited management consults to talk through important employee and policy issues and work performance referrals to help employees with burnout, stress, substance misuse, or other tough life situations that may be impacting their work. Career coaching is also offered as part of the EAP and can assist, along with conflict resolution services, annual organizational assessments, and more to take some of the HR burden off your shoulders so you can focus on your patients.

Going forward

If stress, burnout, or lack of HR support is something that you have been seeing in your practice, you don’t have to manage it all yourself. Utilizing a service suite that includes confidential counseling, work/life balance tools, diverse wellness support, and powerful management tools, our Practice Assistance Program offers an integrated suite of services designed to take the pressure off and allow you the time to focus on your patients, and yourself, as much as you both deserve.

Friendly reminder

As a member of the Colorado Medical Society you may purchase robust practice support tools from MINES and Associates, your preferred partner for Practice Assistance Programs. MINES and Associates’ Practice Assistance Program is designed to support the wellbeing of your practice from the top down to help you address anything from organizational issues to stress and burnout within your team. With MINES as your partner, you would have:

An employee benefit: Counseling for employees and household members with telephonic, video, and online message-based counseling options. Customizable online platform, legal consultation, resilience, wellness, work/life tools, and more.

A management support tool: Unlimited management consultations, unlimited work performance referrals, conflict resolution, and an annual organizational assessment.

Telehealth options: Online/telephonic support options for counseling, remote crisis supports for teams and individuals, webinars for live trainings, online physicians burnout program.

Program highlights include:

  • Free and confidential behavioral health support service
  • In-person, telephonic, video, and online message-based counseling
  • Resilience and stress management resources
  • Remote and in-person training and crisis support
  • Online physician burnout program

To see how MINES can help your practice create a happier and more productive workforce while reducing health care costs, call us at 1-800-873-7138 or visit

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