CMS is currently fundraising for the Alfred D. Gilchrist Student Leadership Scholarship. After serving as CMS CEO since 2004, Gilchrist announced that he will retire in first-quarter 2020. CMS created this scholarship in recognition of Gilchrist’s dedication to supporting future physician leaders.

During his years of leadership at the CMS, Gilchrist has used his ability to form strong relationships and partnerships to secure numerous legislative victories in Colorado, while advancing the whole organization. In addition to his critical work on Medicaid expansion and insurance mergers, Gilchrist also designed the nation’s first standardized managed care contract law, requiring oversight of payer profiling and rating of physicians, and the first body of law in the country requiring oversight of payer profiling and rating of physician performance. He also played a critical role in securing grants and funding to improve care and ensure public health, including $1.5 million for pandemic flu preparedness.

Prior to joining CMS, Alfred was the lead lobbyist for the 40,000-member Texas Medical Association where he coordinated all state and federal legislative advocacy. He staffed and advised TMA policy bodies on setting policy positions and strategy on approximately 900 pieces of legislation each legislative session for 20 years.

One-time and monthly donations to the student leadership scholarship in any amount are gladly accepted and appreciated. Donors are encouraged to check with their employers for matching donation programs. Pledges can be fulfilled at any time with final payments to be received prior to Dec. 31, 2019 for scholarship awards to start in 2020.

Donations can be sent by mail to:

Colorado Medical Society; 7351 E. Lowry Blvd., Ste. 110; Denver, CO 80230.

Please make checks to Colorado Medical Society with “Gilchrist Scholarship Fund” recorded on the memo line.

Donors may also make donations by credit card by calling Tom Wilson, CMS accountant, at (720) 858-6316. All donations are being held in a special reserve account at CMS exclusively for the scholarship.

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