The Colorado Medical Society (CMS) focuses on providing the best support for its members, and an important aspect of this is the partners we choose to work with.

COPIC is CMS’s endorsed medical liability insurance provider. Their dedication to improving health care in Colorado extends beyond just offering trusted coverage. That’s why we are proud to share the COPIC 2022 Annual Report. It highlights a company that is driven by a mission to “improve medicine in the communities it serves.”

While there are many reasons why we endorse COPIC, a few key examples stand out:

  • A leadership team and board of directors led by physicians.
  • Direct access to experts that includes physicians, attorneys, claims staff, and other medical professionals, including a 24/7 risk management hotline staffed by physicians.
  • An on-the-ground team in Colorado that supports physicians in navigating the complexities of state regulations and requirements.
  • COPIC is a recognized expert in helping medical providers and facilities navigate the Candor process, and through the 3Rs Program has helped physicians maintain communication with patients and work toward a resolution when an unexpected medical outcome occurs.
  • Eligible CMS members can receive a 10 percent discount with COPIC.

COPIC continues to invest in Colorado health care in various ways including spending a significant amount of time, energy and resources monitoring legislation and regulatory changes for their potential impact on health care, and annually presenting a Humanitarian Award to an exceptional physician who volunteers in their community. This award comes with a $10,000 donation from COPIC that is designated to the health care-related nonprofit of the physician’s choice.

Please take the time to review this annual report and learn more about COPIC. Their commitment to build strong relationships with CMS members demonstrates why we partner with them and how they support improved health care across the state.