by Ashok Rambhai Patel, MD, Pueblo, Colo

Let’s get vaccinated
To prevent trips to ICU
Not to get buried six feet under or cremated
Not to suffer from Lilliputian or Long COVID

Let’s get vaccinated
We brace ourselves for
Pain and swelling at the injection site
Possibly fever, chills and headaches

Let’s get vaccinated
Allergic reaction may cause itching, hives, shock
But the reaction can be treated effectively
Adrenaline shot works like a charm

Let’s get vaccinated
Sensational reports of side effects scare us
When a tree falls after a crow sits on a branch
Would we blame the crow?

Let’s get vaccinated
Do we die from COVID or from worries about the side effects?
Millions got vaccinated so far satisfactorily
So many lives saved

Let’s get vaccinated
With whichever vaccine we can get
All approved vaccines prevent hospitalizations and deaths Decrease COVID-19 spread in the community

Let’s get vaccinated
Hurry to induce herd immunity
To dine at our favorite eateries
To scream at sports events

Let’s get vaccinated
Before variants get toehold
Mass vaccination corners the virus
Shrinks fertile ground for virus to mutate

Vaccine helps us and others, whole community
Love thy neighbor
Tikkun Olam, Vasudev Kutumbakam

Help the whole world get vaccinated
The world is one family, Vasudev Kutumbakam
Love thy neighbor
Heal the world, Tikkun Olam

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