The Colorado Medical Society Medical Student Component (CMS MSC) hosted Medical Student Day at the Capitol on Thursday, March 21. Thirty-six medical students from the University of Colorado and Rocky Vista University – many in their first year – attended the event for a crash course on effective lobbying and meetings with 12 legislators or their staff. Students also sat in on two committee hearings during the afternoon for a firsthand look at the legislative process. Legislators attended the kick-off lunch and the closing reception, providing additional opportunities for interaction with students. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

“Medical Student Day at the Capitol with CMS was my first experience with state legislators as a professional in medicine. As medical students, we gain tremendous influence when we don our white coats in a public forum; spending an afternoon at the Capitol was a striking reminder for the importance of advocacy on behalf of our profession and patients. Perhaps there is no better impact than having a group of youthful future doctors – 30 strong – descend upon Capitol Hill to show we care.”

Vincent Fu, University of Colorado School of Medicine

“It was empowering to advocate directly to lawmakers. The CMS lobbyists and executives helped me to prepare and practice my statements, which made me feel at ease when it was time for in-person meetings. After participating in Lobby Day, I feel ready to voice my opinions and share my insights on future legislation in an effective way.” ν

Jennifer Daniels, Rocky Vista University College of Medicine

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