Special message from CDPHE: 

Ordering is OPEN for Pediatric Pfizer Vaccine: Follow Guidance Below and submit an order NOW

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is preparing for the expected rollout of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 5-11 years. The current Pfizer formulation authorized for those aged 12+ years CANNOT be used because there is not enough space in the vial for dilution to achieve the smaller dosage for children aged 5-11 years. Upon receipt of information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today, CDPHE has learned that we must submit pre-orders of the pediatric Pfizer vaccine to CDC in three waves, beginning October 20.

To prepare for these pre-ordering waves, ordering is open for pediatric Pfizer vaccine. If your clinic intends to vaccinate 5-11 year olds during the first week of 5-11 vaccine rollout, you must place an order. Subsequent weeks of ordering should follow normal procedures (e.g., on-demand ordering) but are subject to change.

We expect to have a limited vaccine supply for the first four weeks or possibly longer. CDPHE will review all vaccine orders submitted during the ordering window to create a vaccine distribution plan for the first week of 5-11 vaccine rollout. Providers are not guaranteed to receive their full order but we will make every effort to provide pediatric doses to as many providers as possible. This is expected to occur the first week of November but may change as we receive more information from CDC.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR ORDERING: Please only order what your clinic can administer within 7 days. Based on information current as of October 14, it is anticipated that once a vial is punctured, doses must be administered within six hours. This will allow for distribution of pediatric vaccines to providers across Colorado who can administer the vaccine immediately and ensure equitable access for children aged 5-11 years across the state. If your clinic will administer 100 or more doses in the first week, you must place your order in the Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS). If your clinic will administer fewer than 100 doses in the first week, you must place your order in CDPHE’s small Pfizer order form. Please see below for more guidance.

Orders of 100 or doses or more

  • Orders must be placed using CIIS. View this job aid for instructions on how to create a COVID vaccine order in CIIS.
  • Quantities may be reduced or rejected based on vaccine supply availability.
  • Please ensure you are requesting the correct 5-11 year old Pfizer presentation when ordering. View this screenshot for additional guidance.
  • Minimum ordering sizes for direct shipments from CDC will be 300 doses for the first week.
  • After the first week, 100 or 300 dose increments are expected to be available.
  • Orders of fewer than 300 doses will be redistributed from the State Lab and not shipped directly to providers.
  • Orders of 300 doses or more will be shipped directly from CDC to the vaccine provider in a newly updated product shipper at -80°C.

Orders fewer than 100 doses

  • Orders must be placed using the current CDPHE Pfizer small quantity order form.
  • Please order quantities in 10 dose increments (1 pediatric Pfizer vial).
  • Orders are transported refrigerated (2° to 8°C) via CDPHE courier in a vaccine transport unit monitored by a digital data logger. Pediatric Pfizer vaccine can be stored at refrigerated temperatures for up to ten weeks.
  • Ancillary supplies will arrive separately via UPS.

Storage and Handling

Pediatric Pfizer vaccine may only be stored at ultra low temperatures (-90° to -60°C) and refrigerated (2°C to 8ºC) temperatures. Freezer storage (-25°C to -15°C) will not be permitted.

Thank you for your attention to this time-sensitive request. Please reach out to us at cdphe_covidvax@state.co.us with any questions.

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