by Amanda Zeosky, Director, Tebra Partner Marketing

The health care landscape has experienced a profound transformation in recent years, and it's become increasingly evident that patients are now seeking digital experiences regarding their health care journeys. Adapting to this demand by offering virtual care options eliminates hurdles to quality health care and alleviates the strain on the health care system.

However, how can health care providers integrate digital care solutions, and, more importantly, how can this shift lead to revenue growth?

Empower patients with online scheduling

If you've ever been frustrated spending hours on hold, you can empathize with patients in a similar situation. Patients left on hold for extended periods are likely to disconnect before securing an appointment, leading to missed opportunities for health care providers. To address this issue, health care providers must implement online scheduling solutions.

Patients expect the flexibility to schedule medical appointments at their convenience without the hassle of waiting on hold. Investing in digital phone systems incorporating virtual waiting rooms can be a game-changer. These virtual waiting rooms ensure that patients remain in the queue and can even receive callbacks, simplifying the appointment booking process. Additionally, offering online booking options outside regular business hours caters to patients' needs.

Selecting booking software that seamlessly syncs with your office scheduling system can significantly reduce the workload on your front office staff, improving efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Prioritize digital communication

Recent findings from Tebra’s Patient Perspectives report reveal that 55 percent of patients prefer quick access to their medical providers to seek answers to their questions, even without a scheduled appointment. Incorporating two-way messaging software can streamline communication between patients and health care providers, potentially reducing the need for unnecessary appointments.

Patients can utilize this platform to request prescription refills, consult their medical providers on specific health concerns, and obtain prompt responses to questions about their symptoms. This enhances patient satisfaction and optimizes providers’ schedules by reducing the influx of unnecessary appointments.

Harness the potential of telehealth

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth services were underutilized. Fast forward to today, and approximately 25 percent of all patients have embraced telehealth options, with many expressing a preference for this mode of care delivery.

Telehealth can eliminate barriers that often deter patients from seeking health care, such as taking time off work, arranging childcare, or dealing with long commutes to medical facilities. While it may not entirely replace in-person visits, telehealth shines in addressing issues like cold and flu symptoms, mental health concerns, and routine check-ins. Integrating telehealth into your health care offerings can significantly enhance patient access to care.

Modernize revenue channels with digital health care

The pace of change in the medical field is relentless, and digital health care solutions are here to stay. To meet the evolving needs of patients and sustain a thriving practice, health care providers should fully embrace the digital strategies outlined in this article. Doing so can diversify revenue streams without compromising patient satisfaction or overburdening your staff.

In today's dynamic landscape, digital innovation is the prescription for health care revenue growth. Health care providers can forge a path toward a more prosperous and patient-centric future by leveraging online scheduling, enhancing digital communication, and embracing telehealth.

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