What patient resources would be helpful to Colorado physicians?

Dear Colleague, 

The Colorado Medical Society Board of Directors established a Patient Resource Committee in 2022 to provide CMS members access to patient-centered resources by identifying and promoting effective non-profit partnerships. Our committee feels the best way to accomplish this is by creating a page on the CMS website with links to vetted organizations that can help you support your patients with easy to find resources. 

We have established three starting categories for resources: 

  • Patient friendly, reliable clinical information resources 
  • Shared Decision-Making tools for complex and preference sensitive clinical decisions 
  • Links to patient support organizations 

Click here to see an initial mock-up for the site including these initial categories and one or two sample links for each. 

We are reaching out to CMS members to solicit your input with regard to your interest and support for creating this resource, other possible links we might include, other categories to consider and your thoughts about what would make this site most useful to you and your patients.  

Please email Kate Alfano, Patient Resource Committee staff liaison, at kate_alfano@cms.org to share your thoughts, advice or concerns. Also let us know if you would be interested in serving as a member of the committee. Appointments will be made in September.


Dave Downs, MD
Chair, CMS Patient Resource Committee 

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