The Division of Professions and Occupations (DPO) is warning the medical community about written and oral communications from individuals fraudulently representing themselves as state/federal employees and threatening your license.

Victims of this scam are contacted over the phone by someone misrepresenting themselves as a state employee, member of the state medical board staff, or a Board “unit,” using a phone number that closely resembles or is a spoof of a DORA phone number. Victims are told that their license has been suspended and that they must submit a large-sum payment to “clear their name.”

Licensees and the general public should be aware that:

  • written documentation may have multiple misspellings and/or a large watermark that resembles the state seal;
  • the scammer may not have full command of English or Spanish (languages DPO uses to communicate with licensees);
  • references could be made to unrelated Boards with no authority over licensure;
  • references may be made to federal cases allegedly underway.
  • The public should be diligent in their vetting process. DPO employees will not call in reference to unrelated federal and state agency inquiries. Be careful of descriptions of “time sensitive” opportunities that require you to take immediate action, or wary of people requesting personal identification information. DPO does not accept payment by phone or wire transfers - only online transactions and check or money orders sent by mail.

If consumers or licensees have doubts about the legitimacy of a call, they should take extensive notes, including confirming the employee’s name, email address, phone number, and details of the alleged violation. Ask if you can call back, and then dial 303-894-7855 or 1-800-886-7675 and request to speak with that employee. Licensees may cross-check that the caller is legitimate by asking them to provide details on previous correspondence.

If fraudulent activity is confirmed, contact local law enforcement and/or the Colorado Office of Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Section at to report the information.

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