The American Medical Association (AMA) Physician Practice Information (PPI) Survey is underway, and we urgently need all selected physicians to actively engage in this effort. The intent of the survey, which has been endorsed by over 170 medical societies and other health care associations including the Colorado Medical Society (see the full list here), is to collect updated and accurate data on practice costs, which are a key element of physician payment. These data have not been updated since last collected over 15 years ago and it is critically important to update these data to ensure accurate payment.

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Mathematica, a well-regarded consulting firm, is helping the AMA run this survey. Your practice may receive an email from and an USPS priority mail packet from Mathematica that contains a link to the survey as well as supporting information. We urge you to speak with your practice management colleagues to determine if they have received these communications and ask them to complete this important survey. In the coming weeks or months, your practice, or Mathematica, may ask you to complete a brief survey on the number of weekly hours spent on direct patient care. We urge you to complete this two-minute survey.  Help us help YOU to update Medicare physician payment!

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