The Substance Exposed Newborns (SEN) Provider Education Work Group has launched the Colorado Perinatal Substance Use Provider Toolkit. This searchable online toolkit provides hundreds of resources related to perinatal substance use. 

Evidence-based and inclusive resources provided include clinical guidelines and recommendations, data and epidemiology, and patient handouts and resources, bringing the latest from sources such as ACOG, AAP and CDC. Providers can also find tools and resources related to patient identification and communication, substance use disorder treatment, lactation, management of substance-specific impacts, community referrals, patient education, and more.

The toolkit was made possible with support from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. It is supported by the CHoSEN Collaborative, a quality improvement coalition led in partnership by the CU School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics, Illuminate and CPCQC.

Access resources today at

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