Executive Order D 2020 045 and Amended Public Health Order 20-29 (the PHO) permit voluntary or elective surgeries and procedures to begin again under certain conditions.(1) 

We encourage you to review the entire Executive Order and PHO.(2) The following provides a summary of the medical facilities section of the PHO:(3)  

✅ Voluntary or elective surgeries and procedures (procedures) may resume only if all of the following requirements are met:  

  • Two-week supply of PPE: Must have access to enough PPE to sustain recommended use for two weeks without having to implement emergency PPE-conserving measures. 
    • Extended use/reuse of PPE must follow CDC guidance. Proper doffing and donning training is required. 
  • Infection control: Strict infection control policies as recommended by the CDC must be utilized. 
  • Universal symptom screening: A universal symptom screening process must be used for all staff, patients, and visitors. Symptomatic patients/visitors should be referred to their PCP and special steps must be taken for symptomatic employees. 
  • Facemasks: Nonmedical personnel must wear a facemask (cloth if necessary), unless their health prevents it. All patients and visitors must wear a face covering (cloth if necessary). Masks may be removed when social distancing of at least 6 feet is possible. Provide masks to those who arrive without one.  
  • Social distancing: Continue social distancing of at least 6 feet wherever possible and use physical barriers within patient care areas when possible. 
  • Staggered patient scheduling and increased cleaning: Schedule patients so that providers have sufficient time to change PPE and ensure rooms and equipment can be cleaned and disinfected between each patient. 
  • Telehealth and virtual check-in: Continue to maximize the use of telehealth and virtual office visits. Utilize virtual check-in when possible or have patients remain outside the building until the treatment room is ready. 
  • Stick to the plan: Establish guidelines to ensure adherence to the principles outlined above. Consult with the treating provider(s) about whether the procedure is elective or non-essential. 
  • Two-week checkup: Reassess operations every two weeks. 

❌ Stop if surge: Be prepared with a plan to reduce or stop procedures if there is a surge or resurgence of COVID-19 cases in the region. 


1 According to this FAQ document from the state, Executive Order D 2020 045 applies statewide, regardless of local jurisdiction orders.

2 Failure to comply with these orders could result in penalties, including jail time, and fines and may be subject to discipline on one’s professional license. 

3 See section “IV. Hospital Facilities” of the PHO for requirements for “hospital and other surgical Facilities.”   

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