Naloxone, also known as Narcan, saves lives by reversing drug overdoses caused by opioids.  Do your patients know where they can get naloxone?  Do you know what resources to provide patients to help them find naloxone?

The Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention provides helpful information about naloxone, including a brochure with information about identifying and reversing an opioid overdose using naloxone.  The Consortium also has a campaign called Bring Naloxone Home that is funded by the State of Colorado to promote community awareness of naloxone.

Since 2015, Coloradans have been able to buy naloxone from participating pharmacies without getting a prescription.  This is possible because the state’s chief medical officer has created a “standing order” for naloxone.  More than 500 pharmacies in Colorado carry naloxone that is available by standing order—you can find those pharmacies on the Stop the Clock Colorado website.  Another helpful resource for finding naloxone is from OpiRescue.

Find Naloxone in Colorado

In addition, the Naloxone Finder is a new national resource from the National Harm Reduction Coalition designed for people who use drugs to locate where they can get naloxone for free.  This resource identifies where individuals can get community-based naloxone from Syringe Access Programs (SAPs).