The Bipartisan Colorado Medical Political Action Committee (COMPAC) endorsed 75 candidates for state legislature this election based on their pro-medicine stances. 73 won their races. You can see the complete results here

“This has been a historically unique election year for all of us. It has been a very long and arduous process for CMS, as well as our state and nation,” said COMPAC Chair Patrick Pevoto, MD. “I am most excited about the incredible participation by those who have involved themselves by assisting in the vetting of candidates and, most importantly, those of you who voted. Whether your candidate won or lost, be encouraged; COMPAC is fighting for you.” 

The physicians of the COMPAC Board and local component societies were instrumental in thoroughly vetting and educating these newly elected and friendly incumbent legislators. Endorsement decisions were made based on three factors: 

  • The candidate’s positions on COMPAC’s identified key issues (below); 
  • The sentiment of physicians who reside and vote in the district; and 
  • The demographics of the district and a candidate’s ability to win. 

Interviews educated future legislators about physician priorities such as peer assistance confidentiality, medical liability, and the challenges of practicing medicine during COVID-19. 

On the federal level, the American Medical Political Action Committee (AMPAC)-endorsed incumbents held their congressional seats, while in the contested Congressional District 3, candidate Lauren Boebert won in a tight race. Physicians of the Mesa County Medical Society have already been in contact with Congresswoman-elect Boebert and COMPAC will work to support their efforts at educating the congresswoman on physician priorities. Former Gov. John Hickenlooper won the state Senate race, defeating incumbent Cory Gardner. CMS has had a productive relationship with Senator-elect Hickenlooper in the past addressing Colorado’s opioid epidemic. 

The interview process, endorsements, contributions and relationships built between physicians and candidates are unique to COMPAC and part of the reason that CMS is such a respected organization at the Capitol. COMPAC’s work to build strong legislative allies is only possible if you are an active member in our community.  

Interested in getting involved? We have opportunities available! Volunteer for candidate interviews, attend events for legislators and candidates in your area, and perhaps most important of all, contribute to COMPAC by visiting Your voice matters; ensure it is being heard.

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